So um… maybe I should tell you guys more about myself.

OK. (clearing my throat) So I am Faith and I basically look like this.

Sorry for poor selfie skills. I am not a bitch.

I’m currently a CityU BBA undergrad. Well… Business school teaches you nothing about how to be a business owner. So I always wanna seek for stuffs that inspires me more.

And finally I got one. I joined the Social Service Team Executive Committee as the financial secretary. Through handling financial issues related to daily operations, I could apply what I have learnt in Business school and run my society. At the same time, I can participate more in voluteer work and that makes me feel great.

Maybe I will never grow up. I always wanna challenge myself by pushing myself to learn something more and discover what I like and what I really don’t. I like music, photography, books, food hunting, backpacking and a lot more. Recently I am in love with words and I am learning the italic, gothic and modern lettering. Well, I love fine art too.




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