Week 3 Class 1: To be or not to be


What does Hamlet’s soliloquy mean for you? If you were to perform it, how would you perform it?

My understanding of Hamlet’s soliloquy is the struggling between carrying on his life or die (which can also be interpreted as escaping from the reality from my point of view). The soliloquy reminds me of the days where I was preparing for the public exams. The competition was tough and I nearly thought of ending my life before the exams such that I do not have to face the exams and the results. However, I also realized that dying is never easy neither. Everyday I was repeating the same struggle.

If I am going to perform the soliloquy, I may speak with an uneven pace due to anxiety and fear. Also, my eyes would change focus time to time to show how lost I am. I would try to have interactions with the audiences because I believe that performing art should not only be something that helps expressing oneself, but to make someone feel connected to your content. I would like the audience to rethink of their own struggles in life and find solution that fits. If I have more actors working with me, I may try an ‘Inside Out’ adaptation in order to emphasize the complexity of the emotions within Hamlet.

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