Week 4 Class 1: Cultural Identity

What parts of Clear Light of Day enlighten you about your own cultural identity?

Clear Light of Day is all about how women live under the challenges and burdens brought by a patriarchal society that underrestimate women.

After reading the work, I realized that I am really, the lucky one. Living in Hong Kong, we have a diversified culture, and everyone is equal before the Law. Governmental organizations made efforts for both legislation and education in order to ensure equality. Nowadays, male do not have much privileges, where female rights are protected. Sexual harassments, terminating contracts with pregnant women are prohibited.

However, in Clear Light of Day, Bim was not that lucky. Being educated and strong, she realized that her whole life would be controlled by men if she doesn’t fight back. Though Bim and Tara were not controlled by any parents, they still can’t attain freedom. Bim though open-minded, still takes up the responsibility of doing housework-the traditional ideal figure of a woman, especially in the east. Where in Hong Kong, the stereotyping is not that extensive. It is still fine for woman not to do the chores, as they can be passed to maids, more and more husbands even quitted their jobs in order to help with housework.

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2 thoughts on “Week 4 Class 1: Cultural Identity

    1. Well, I am not pretty sure what ‘cultural identity’ means to you and my classmates cause I missed that class, so I just try my best to everything I could to finish my journal. Sorry if my words seems a bit irrelevant 😦

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