Week 4 Class 2: Rendition of Fast Talking PI

Fast Talking PI (Rendition)

(Note: PI does not stand for Pacific Islander.)

I’m a fast talkin’ PI
I’m a real-depressed PI
I’m schizophrenia, bipolar disordered PI

I’m a slitting my wrist PI
I’m an alcoholic PI
I’m a losing interest in everything in my life PI

I’m an overwhelmed PI
A self-conscious PI
I’m an interpersonally, socially reluctant PI

I’m a so worthless PI
I’m a quite guilty PI
I’m a having intensified, serious PMS PI

I’m an irritated PI
A stay in bed PI
I’m a ‘they never, ever care a thing about me’ PI

I’m a violent PI
A mouth-closed PI
I’m an anti-social, irrational…I can’t help…PI

I’m an eating less PI
I’m a stop shaving PI
I’m an eyes blood-shot, dark circled..well, I’m pretty lost PI

I’m an insane PI
A being consulted PI
I’m an everything will be ok-just like they say PI

I’m a nobody, PI
I’m unwanted PI
I’m a need some time to free and clear my messy mind PI

I’m a tearing up PI
I’m a breaking down PI
I’m a talking to myself in my own sleeping room PI

I’m a taking drugs PI
I’m a medicated PI
I’m a ‘where am I, I found myself losing word count’ PI

I’m a fast talking PI.

(204 words)

Try to guess what PI stands for, and please, provide care to those PIs around you.


6 thoughts on “Week 4 Class 2: Rendition of Fast Talking PI

      1. Haha, this is because I have been a social service volunteer for some time and met some PIs. They really need our help and understanding. Cant wait to read your Fast Talking!

        Liked by 1 person

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