Week 5 Class 2: Before you Go

Before you go (An Original Sonnet)
-A sonnet for Hong Kong Students

Just want a good excuse before you go.
It hurts in fact, the truth will stay true.
I wish I could, but who can say a ‘no’.
I can’t accept but all has come to due.

Just want a walk in park before you go.
To laugh, to sing, to sleep, to talk on bench
We dance, we swing, we waltz from head to toe,
We’ll have a nap, a day we won’t have french

Just want a day on beach before you go.
Enjoy the breeze and rays of sun today.
Relax and lay yourself on sand, forgo
Your work assigned, your flute and your ballet

Before you go, please, I would like to say:
If I could, you will live a nice new day


One thought on “Week 5 Class 2: Before you Go

  1. Faith I would have wanted to see stanza breaks with this sonnet though I clearly see the rhyme scheme and hence somewhat the four stanzas, but you must make it clear.
    Also I didn’t quite detect why French is not capitalized nor punctuated, as well as the following line you will need an article to go before beach.
    Nonetheless you have an interesting theme going on. nice creative try! Keep it up!


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