Week 6 Class 1: Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice is well known of its ability pointing out the problem of first impression (which is actually the first title given to the work) as well as those things that happened to the society at that time, such as marriage as a sort of trade, the male-as-the-heir system. And Pride and Prejudce did change the world for 21st century women.

There is the matter of education. In the story, Elizabeth was disrespected because Elizabeth and her sisters did not receive any formal education. And Darcy even talked about the lack of ‘class’ within her family. And at the same time,  Elizabeth’s friend Charlotte married to Colins (very probably, for the sake of money matters). Charlotte mentioned that she has no class, received no education and she is getting old and therefore she felt the insecurity. This gave a signal to the female readers: there’s only two choice – to get educated, or marry to someone rich and become someone else’s asset for your rest of time. But we should also take a look at the rules that have women in control at that time, which means that women should try to get educated in order to be free. Therefore, women started to fight for protection of their right of being educated and the social status of women has risen as educated women would try to defend their own rights.


One thought on “Week 6 Class 1: Pride and Prejudice

  1. careful as Charlotte talks about “prospects” not exactly class and education which is different from what you say. Next time you can explain that is implied.
    Good to talk about the “rules” but maybe you can find a more sophisticated word for that such as “etiquette” or “decorum”.
    Good try nonetheless!

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